*NEW PRODUCT* Revitalize 1000 Blend: Whole Body Defense

1000 mg 1 oz. (30 ml.) Bottle

*NEW PRODUCT* Revitalize 1000 Blend: Whole Body Defense


Formerly known as Lifeline
Revitalize 1000 Blend: Whole Body Defense. All natural immune support at its finest.
Our Revitalize Tincture Supports –

  • Cellular & immune system health
  • Lymphatic & endocrine system
  • Respiratory, digestive, brain, heart and nervous systems

Size: 1000 mg. Hemp Extract Concentration

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1000 mg 1 oz. (30 ml.) Bottle


Hemp Seed Oil – 1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – Nigella Sativa – Frankincense – Ginger – Sandalwood-Sangre de Grado- Cat’s Claw- Sunflower Lecithin – Vitamin E Oil

Revitalize 1000mg CBD Tincture is formulated to be exactly what the name implies: a powerful boost for when your body needs it most. It offers critical cell support from a mix of nature’s most renowned herbs.

The essential oils paired with pure, full spectrum hemp CBD feature purifying Frankincense, soothing Ginger, an effective digestive tonic that promotes normal blood circulation, and Sandalwood. Sandalwood has long been used by herbalists to boost mood and strengthen healthy memory. Nigella Sativa, Sangre de Grado and Cat’s Claw complete the formula, adding astringent and anti-inflammatory benefits for robust health maintenance.

Suggested Use

  • Shake tincture prior to each use.
  • 10mg (1 full dropper = approx. 10mg) of CBD is recommended daily for maintenance.
  • 20mg (2 full droppers = approx. 20mg) is recommended for specific condition.