Inflammation is the biggest contributor to both internal and external injuries, so with warm-weather activities in full swing, it’s time to talk about how to reduce inflammation!

With the summer solstice right around the corner, the days are getting longer and lighter. (Who doesn’t love more daylight hours after work?) More daylight hours means more time for our favorite beach town activities – surfing, biking, walks on the beach, dining out and activities with family and friends. More time on our feet can mean more inflammation from the regular aches and pains of daily life. 

When that old ache from high school sports or a past injury flares up after a particularly active day, reach for a CBD pain cream to naturally reduce inflammation. Just like how you would apply aloe to sunburnt or inflamed skin, you can use our topical CBD Pain Cream to reduce inflammation for body aches and pains. 

Reduce Inflammation for Joint Flexibility & Mobility

Have you ever had a fun day at the beach with your family and friends, then woken up in the morning with muscle soreness or an achy knee? This is where our pain cream with CBD comes in to reduce inflammation.

Our pain cream with peppermint essential oil and Celadrin® provides a cooling sensation when applied, giving you immediate relief while the CBD and Celadrin® absorb to reduce inflammation on a cellular level.

Reduce Inflammation for Arthritis

If you deal with arthritis on a daily basis, you may be looking for natural remedies in addition, or as opposed to, traditional medication. Try out our CBD Pain Cream with Celadrin® this summer for both the cooling and mobility benefits!

In a study conducted at the University of Connecticut, 100% of the osteoarthritic subjects on Celadrin® showed significant improvement in just 30 minutes and cumulative benefits throughout the remaining 30 days of the study. Patients were assessed for range of motion, pain levels, timed up and go, timed stair climbing and muscular endurance tests. Significance was demonstrated in every test. There are no side effects or photosensitivity reactions, and it leaves no traces on the skin or clothing.

To learn more about Celadrin® and view clinical studies, check out the information under “Research Publications” here:

How to Find High-Quality CBD 

Whenever you’re looking for any kind of CBD (whether it’s for internal or external use), you want to make sure you’re getting a “full-spectrum” CBD product. Full-spectrum CBD uses the full hemp plant and includes more health benefits such as . Our CBD Pain Cream combines Celadrin® with the natural ingredients and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD-Hemp Extract. This helps promote:

  • Flexibility & mobility. 
  • Muscle, joint & cartilage health.
  • Temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with common backache, strains, bruises and sprains.

In addition to reducing inflammation with CBD, our pain cream uses topical Celadrin® to reduce cartilage breakdown in the joints, decrease inflammation, and lubricate cell membranes throughout the body.

Our CBD Pain Cream is available in two strength’s – 100 mg (for general muscle inflammation)  and 500 mg (for more serious joint, muscle and arthritic issues). It’s simple to use – just apply a small amount to wherever needed. Never say no to an active day again, knowing you can reduce inflammation and have relief waiting for you at home!  Shop our CBD Pain Cream here.